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The Immersive Reader

Introducing the Immersive Reader, inside ReadCloud’s eReader. This section will cover what the Immersive Reader is, how to use its features and customise your preferences.

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Introducing Your Bookshelf

This section will assist you with navigating the ReadCloud Bookshelf. Topics covered include:
What is the Bookshelf?
How to access Clouds?
What are the differences between the system Clouds?

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Introducing the eReader

The eReader is specifically designed for teachers and students, offering a variety of reading tools to enhance your teaching and learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

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ReadCloud’s Learning Toolbar

Highlight any word, phrase or paragraph from within a text and ReadCloud’s Learning Toolbar will open, enabling you to interact with your eBook.
Text to speech
Copy to clipboard
Dictionary Lookup
Add a bookmark
Create an Annotation

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Creating Annotations for Teachers

Teachers can control annotations for their eBooks. To create an annotation, within the eReader and highlight a word or term and select the ‘Create Annotation’ icon from the learning toolbar that pops up.

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