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A ReadCloud Customer Story

Calrossy Anglican School

Transitioning to digital tools

Calrossy made the transition to digital, with a Bring-Your-Own-Device Policy, focusing on iPads for junior school students. This enabled them to no longer purchase physical copies of textbooks. 

A partner to meet important needs

ReadCloud was able to provide Calrossy educators and students with access to their resources offline, for when there is no or limited internet, well as a one-stop shop for digital content, reducing the difficulties of managing various publishers content. 

ReadCloud School Testimonials

Streamline Teaching and Learning

Caloundra State High School

Caloundra State High School is a ReadCloud customer
A future-orientated school that celebrates individual growth alongside academic success.

Thanks to strong BYOD uptake in their student cohorts, Caloundra SHS was able to dismantle roadblocks to online learning and promote the use of a range of online resources, all from a single point in their ReadCloud app.  

Lockyer District State High School

Lockyer District High School is a ReadCloud customer
A public school on a mission to prepare students for lifelong learning. 

With a blended model of pedagogy, Lockyer District SHS has been able to use both print and digital effectively to provide an entirely new way of teaching and learning, leading to improved communication between teachers and students.

Cairns State High School

Cairns State High School is a ReadCloud customer
A large regional secondary school that is introducing ICT with the goal to support Teaching and Learning. 

Cairns SHS enjoy using ReadCloud to collaborate within classes as well as promote the development literacy. The management of licencing from different publishers was a key factor in choosing to use ReadCloud. 

St Patricks College is a ReadCloud customer

Teaching & Learning strategy

The capabilities of ReadCloud’s offline learning platform provides students with the ability to challenge themselves both at school and at home.

Content strategy

ReadCloud provides a single login platform that enhances the learning environment by reducing friction.

Integrating digital tools

ReadCloud also embeds directly into SchoolBox, providing a seamless digital environment for students to access their resources.